88 hatch 2.3L... any use?


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Apr 5, 2004
my current fox is an 84 lx vert 5.0 aod, bone stock, just workin on getting it mechanically sound again before i can performance mod it.

back to the point, my dads coworker is selling a blown (not supercharged, just a bad engine) 4-cyl '88 hatch. its a diff color all around than my 84 and i dunno what kinda tranny its got, but would i be able to use any parts (for instance, the diff, if its got an 8.8) and would those parts be worth buying the car for cheap (~1200-1600 maybe) thanks for the advice.

oh, and if its a stick, what tranny would it have, a t-5? i dunno, any help is appreciated, thanks
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ok the body molding is different but the parts will bolt on, like fenders front clip ect. The tranny if it is a stick is a t-5 and it will bolt right up to a v-8, that is what i did in mine. I am still looking for what pilot bearing you need to make it work right. The rear end is a 7.5 same as your 84. Almost everything will interchange with a little work. Depending on the price i would buy it if i was you.