90 mustang ignition


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Jul 9, 2022
hey guys new to this forum, i have a 90 fox 5.0 it has a cam but what kind I'm not sure, long tubes, gt40p heads, trickflow manifold, msd distributor and box, exhaust, basically all boltons, my issue is tuning it. I have a big stuff 3 on it right now and it uses tuner studio to tune it minus some features. Anyway, my timing isn't making any damn sense cause I loaded a base time table and started from there and even had one sent to me from someone. It ran like dog sh*t to say the least, it would drive but no power at all, so I know it isn't the best thing but I started upping the timing in the main areas, up top around 80 kpa to 105 it is taking stupid timing high 30's-40, if I run low 30's it drags a**. I checked the timing when I first installed it but I'm going to check it again once I'm free. At cruise its in the 40's and tappers off higher up, its throwing me off cause from my understanding these motors don't run that high unless it has low compression which they like higher timing
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So I'm probably not the one to give you advise. What I did was make the timing table easy. It's split up into 3 different groups. Less timing at lower rpms and then from like 3k up with over 80% load higher timing.

So I only have 3 timing changes. I'm slowly going to change the table. Or even use the smooth on the table. But for now it works good.

I would verify timing. Make sure your not off tooth. It don't sound like you are but put a mark at 10° on the balancer then pull the spout. It should line up with the timing advance in tuner studio. I hope that helps. But a compression test is a great start to. That way you might not be wasting your time.