93 Fox Lightning Motor

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May 8, 2013
Hey guys im in need of some major help!!!

Im building a 351w lightning motor to put in my foxbody. Now im keeping the heads stock with the gt-40 heads and getting a valve job done on them, stock bore, stock pistions, stock crank. Now id really like to go with a bigger cam! I know that you cant run to big of a cam with stock heads! What do you guys think size cam and brand I should go with? I love the thumper cams but im not sure what to pick! and also what size injectors to run!

Please help me :)
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I'm not sure how you could pick injectors till you pick a cam, but asking for cam choices here won't help you... that's like asking your wife what she wants for dinner. Total waste of time. Either pick an OTS cam or call Ed Curtis and go from there.
Use a Trick Flow Stage 1, great cam for the money and it will be great with that combo for low end tq and HP.

I'd use 19lb or 24lb injectors with a matched 75-80mm maf

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