'94 computer in an '86?

So, bit of a long story, but bought an '86 GT to use drivetrain in '65 project. Only kinda got rooked on the deal, as the '86 I bought had bad transmission and computer :rolleyes:. It was obvious the PO knew it, but I didn't pay close enough attention, so my problem now. I replaced the transmission and, after months of diagnosing why I had no timing advance, found they had removed the spout...replaced the spout, car wouldn't run. Borrowed my friend's A9L, and it runs fine (really good actually) with spout. Anyway, on to my question: A9L computers seem a little rare these days, but another friend has a 5.0/MT computer out of a '94 Mustang...will it work? (My '86 has been converted to MAF.) Thanks!
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