A/c Lines


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Aug 25, 2011
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Ok so the ac isn't blowing cold and hasn't been for sometime now. A good while back took it to a shop and I think all they did was add 134 w stop leak and it worked for awhile. The other day I bought a can w leak detector and I had to jump the low pres switch but it took the can and blew cold but I didn't see any dye. Well compressor didn't come on next time I started and I'm guessing bc not enough refrigerant. I'm thinking since the compressor worked when jumped that its ok and all that is needed is new lines. So here's the question which line leaks most often or should I replace both and what all is involved in doing so and how hard? I read something about pulling vac to get moisture out what is needed to do this? I saw the disconnect tools is this all that I need? Thanks
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I found, a few times, worn out O-rings. Twice, and different cars was at a connection right by the pressure switch, line comes off some canister type thing...don't know the name of the line, but the one that goes around the intake and then forward.

O-rings were available at Autozone, cheap.
Check around all the joints. Usually if they are leaking, they will feel oily. Hopefully it's not the evaporator core. That things a full days work to change.