am i safe with this set up and is it true that


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Jul 16, 2003
baltimore md
am i safe running 50shot of nos on my 2000 mustang with only 93 octane fuel and one step colder plugs
or should i be running at least a 75shot
and do i need to advance the timing over a 50shot

last question is it true that you should never spray nitrous under 3500rpms and never in 5th gear

thxs guys for any help

by the way i am running the nitrous express kit
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cool then its safe for me to just run my little 50shoot until i can pay a timing adjuster

but why cant i spray under 3500rpms why not at 3000 rpms

3500-6000 just seems a little short to me

granted i have not really gotten into the bottle as of yet i still need a bottle warmer its been setting at 700psi so i will not see the real power of that 50shoot until i get my psi up around 1000psi
Do NOT spray below 3000 rpm, and do NOT spray under 1000 psi. At LEAST 900. You want 1050 ideally. Both can easily lead to puddling in the intake, which will pop it the first time it happens.

The reason for waiting til 3k rpm is so there is enough vacuum in the intake to suck the nitrous/fuel down. Otherwise it will collect (puddle) around bends, and when that decides to detonate, bye bye plastic intake.

Low bottle pressure will create a rich condition in the mixture leaving the nozzle. (The jets are designed to flow for 1050psi). Rich = easy kaboom as well.

By the way, this is a wet kit right? (It has a nitrous AND a fuel solenoid).
myg- said:

why can't you spray in 5th gear?

It is not safe to spray when the motor is not capable of revving quickly. In 5th gear you aren't accelerating fast enough to safely spray. You COULD, and probably get away with it a time or two, but it's not a wise idea.