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Jul 9, 2006
went to Ford & they do not & will not sell anyone a new starter " PERIOD" all are Motorcraft rebuilt 12 month warranty ..... thats it dont know where they are made one worker said Mexico with unknown parts ? the auto stores have dozens made in India , China , Mexico ...... Bosch sells one $110 free shipping no core charge Bosch is now in China no more Europe ..... the rebuiding shop near me has plenty of Motorcraft in Motorcraft boxes but they have no idea where there done no writing on the boxes the owner said he doesnt rebuild any starters except odd ball ones for antique cars farm tractors & other hard to find stuff you bring the starter he hunts down the parts if possable in usually 2 weeks your up & running he also has no one except his brother in the shop there was at one time 10 guys working there into the night now he opens at 9 am closes at 3 pm said if he could sell the place he would his sons moved away the other workers died or also left town..... anyway I asked a week ago does anyone have any experiance with Bosch the Ford workers seemed like Motorcraft is not a great deal & they want the core back ......thanks for any ideas
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