Anything else I need?


Jun 11, 2005
Portland, OR
I just bought this kit off ebay and I'm wondering if I need anything else besides a rebuild kit for my 150k mile rear end. I mean, besides new pads and stuff like that. Keep in mind, I will be installing my 3:73's at the same time.


I've got a spare rear end so my car won't be out of commision too long since it's a daily driver but I want to make sure the swap goes as easily as possible. I've done a search and noticed some problems come up with break lines, so I'll need to order those, the auction didn't say wether these came off a GT or not so can anybody tell from the pics? Or should I just wait till it shows up to get the rest of what I need then?

Also, I'm no professional, but if I take something apart and can put it back together, but since I didn't remove it, I probably won't know for sure how it goes together. Anybody know where I can find some install instructions?

That should cover all my questions for now. I'm sure I'll have more when the time comes to actually put all this into motion:D
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