Best bolt on's for a 07' manual


New Member
Sep 11, 2005
hi i want to go mid 12's i already have predator, 3.73 gears, lontube headers, no cats x pipe, borla catback the next thing i want to buy is CAI i dont know wich is the best one (producing more power) and pulleys what else can i do?
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You need a custom tune for your new cai and the rest of your mods and Doug @Bamachips writes tunes for diablosport predators. His 93 octane race tune is really good. You definitely want a cold air intake like jltII or c&l street or racer intake. Pullies are worth as much as 8rwhp and .1-.15 reduction in et's. Mickey Thompson ET Streets drag radials will definitley lower your 60 ft times which will also lower 1/4 mile et's.