Best ignition system.


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Nov 15, 2003
Miami, Fla.
I'm doing some upgrades, GT40 intake, 70mm maf, 65mm TB., headers, h-pipe, on my 1992 GT 5spd in each ones opinion, which is the best (plug-in) ignition system out there for '92,where there's no cutting of wires involved.I was reading a review on the jacobs pro street ignition kit and it wasn't too good.Thanks...
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The stock distributor is good to about 400hp or so. I upgraded my coil and wires and that was about it. If you have the spare $300.00-$500.00 bucks and it is burning a hole in your pocket, go for it. It would be overkill on a stock engine (IMO), but it's you money. You could spend that money on other upgrades/mods.

Go get a crane coil from 5.0 resto and drop it in place of the stocker. There isn't any cutting or splicing of wires that is required. Later down the road, you can buy the crane box and it too will not require any sort of splicing.
I can comment on a comparison of the Accel and Crane systems. I LOVE the Crane HI-6 compared to the other. I went through 2 Accel 300+ boxes and 1 Accel coil before I got the HI-6 (only 14 months for the Accel boxes and coil to crap out). The Crane is rock solid performance; starts easily and runs like a champ in all weather conditions thus far. I have it mated to a Crane Street / Strip distributor (love that, too), and couldn't be happier. It even looks good! The only point I might complain about with the Crane system would be the size of the box (compared to Accel). The size of the Accel box lends itself to easy mounting. However, the Crane reliability has been worth the cramped space!