I was trying to pull one of the bolts off of my bellhousing, and the sone of a bitch was so damn tight, plus my stupid mistake not having a wrench on good enough, i rounded off the bolt.... tried many things, it keeps rounding... stopped before i completely rounded off but its pretty bad. What can i do???
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Tighten down the bolts on either side of it and loosen all the other bolts. Torch that bolt and get it hot, then try to get it out. You may need to resort to vice-grips if you can get them on. If not, last option is to get a socket that just barely doesn't fit, and smack it on.
a small pipe wrench works great in these cases if it will fit in the area where bolt needs removing or use vice grips. heat as seijirou previously stated and spray with pb blaster allow time to penetrate and attempt to remove with pipe wrench or vice grips... good luck...