Bullitt Gauge Cluster Question


New Member
Jul 4, 2004
I recently bought a bullitt gauge cluster for my 02' GT. This thing is pretty much a direct swap into my car correct? The only question is how does it affect the mileage on the odometer, it's stored in the cars computer is'nt it?
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Direct swap. Mileage is stored in the computer, not on the gauge itself.

I'm not sure where people are getting this information from. :nonono: I swapped a Cobra cluster into my car.. my cluster was new so I was able to set the PATS without taking the cluster to Ford. The mileage also read 0.0 when the cluster went in, so I had it programmed to read 30k (my mileage at the time). I kept the stock cluster, and if I installed it today my mileage would return to where it was when the cluster was removed. It does make sense to store mileage in the ECM, but it's truly stored in the cluster for our cars.