Brakes Cadillac ATS calipers installed!


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Finally completed the install, minor modifications to calipers and spindles to make them work but well worth it. I would recommend using Mustang5L5 install kit which includes spacers to center the rotor and new threaded inserts to space the caliper correctly on the rotor. So with all new parts, ATS calipers, 13" slotted/drilled rotors, braided steal brake lines and install kit I was out around $450-500. I went from 95 GT brakes all the way around which weren't that bad, but are weak compared to these, I have instant stopping power, nice tight firm pedal and absolutely no fade slowing down from 100mph. If I were to use medium to heavy pressure on the brake pedal Im pretty sure I could lock them up, again fairly cheap and easy upgrade but worth it if you enjoy going fast and stopping equally fast. Only caution make sure you have wheels that will fit, lots of info on this topic on, I had to remove my stick on wheel weights to clear the top of the caliper.


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