Clutch & Flywheel

Hey All,

I've read lots of posts on here about flywheel and clutch options. I've done some searching for aluminum flywheels and have found some good prices on Ebay for an aluminum Fidanza flywheel. There are also some good prices on clutches and other flywheels with the brand name "F1 Racing".

Just wondering if anyone here has experience with these products, or if I should just stick with the tried and true King Cobra.

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Jan 14, 2001
New York
The fidanza aluminum flywheels are nice pieces. I like mine. A regular KC clutch would work ok for you, but a KC pressure plate and a mcleod disk would be even better
I have the Aluminum flywheel and ceramic puck clutch in my 93 lx. It's not a pleasure to drive, it's all performance. The light weight flywheel makes the shifting a little jerky and the clutch just graps with no slip. The clutch pedal is very hard to press in. If it's not a race car, then go with the King Cobra.


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Aug 8, 2003
I'd recommend against the aluminum flywheel. As jack said, they are not always the best for driveability. I even know 03 cobra guys that ditched the aluminum and were happier.
I like the centerforce clutch setups.

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Aug 7, 2002
I like Centerforce clutches as well.

I had the "regular" King Cobra. Nice budget piece...

An aluminum flywheel can make some in-town driving a little finicky. If you can handle it, go for it, if you can't go with a steel or iron flywheel.

No big difference between either. Just go with what you will be happy with.
Cool, thanks all. I like the idea of the aluminum flywheel not only for the fact that it revs quicker, but also because it will shave about 13lbs total off the engine as well. With 40lbs reduced from my new aluminum heads, PS removed, A/C removed, and a hollow sway bar, I'm very close to the original Miata 50/50 weight distribution.

Anyway, based on these pictures do you think I need a new clutch/flywheel?

View attachment 323193

View attachment 323194

View attachment 323195

View attachment 323196

View attachment 323197

View attachment 323198

View attachment 323199

View attachment 323200

5spd GT

"the 5.0 owns all"
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Aug 7, 2002
For what you are doing, go with the aluminum flywheel. That light car won't need anything to get it going.;)

I would invest in a new clutch set-up as well.

The Centerforce has the lightest pedal effort in the industry for the power held. A lighter car will not need as much either.