clutch / transmission problems?


Jan 19, 2004
About 3000 miles ago I put a new King Cobra clutch and flywheel in my 90. I was replacing the rear main seal and figured I should just do the clutch being I was already in there. Since installing the new clutch the car is very jerky when leaving from a stop slowly. It was worse right away but it got a little better. I have been living with this because i didn't want to tear into it again, but I'm finally pissed off enough to fix it.

Now to the new problem that developed last week:

Once I drive the car for a while (up to operating temp) it is very difficult to shift the car into any gear when the engine is at idle. When the car is cold it's NOT hard to go into gear. Once I get it into gear I can shift through the gears normally while driving.

I still have the original stock clutch cable on the car.

Could an aftermarket quadrant and firewall adjuster solve either of these problems?

The car has 55,000 miles on it and there were no problems before I put the King Cobra in.

Please Someone Help! :shrug:
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i agree with EMW. if you have the stock quadrant, you can pull up on the pedal, to try to get it to take up free play.
how much free play is there? where is the point of engagement (how far off the floor, when it works)?
good luck.
I replaced my stocker with a centerforce about 10k ago and I had some very similar problems including the pedal being extremely short, eventually it broke my qudrant, 1 steeda fwa, quadrant, and cable later it drives like a dream. if you want to try to fix the qudrant thats on it tho try to adjust the qudrant. most people dont know how to correctly do this and end up screwing it (I know I did). with the car off and out of gear, put the pedal into the floor as far as possible, then slide your foot off of it quickly making it jerk to the top, do this 4 or 5 times and it should be adjusted. if your still having the problem then I agree with replacing it. just make sure that whatever you get is billet, newer pressure plates are a little more heavy duty than the older ones and might be whats causing stock quadrants to break so much. gl, hope this helps.
Some cluthes are preseposed to chatter. My freinds Spec clutch chatters a bit, but not anything that bothers him. I have a similar clutch to the king cobra, and it's smooth for me. Did you happen to resurface the flywheel while it was out?
I put the upr firewall adjuster and quadrant on and now it shifts into gear alot easier.

The clutch chatter got a little better too. Hopefully it will completely go away.