cobr r wheels

If this is the wrong place sorry in advance. But what im looking for is a set of 10.5 inch cobra r rims for the rear of my 95. I have them on there know but i want the big tires in the back. They make it look better. And do i need to take out the quad shock to put them on. thanks jay
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as i answered in the pm: is where i got my 10.5" deep dish bullitts. i didn't have to move the shock, all i had to do was hammer in the inner wheel well so the tire wouldn't rub. i'm running a 315/35/r17 and it rubbed a little on hard turns, so banging in the edge of the inner well took care of this.

i see mustang tuning only offers a chrome 17x10.5 cobra-r wheel at 189 a piece--unfortunately, i don't really know of a better place to get them. hopefully the other more knowledgable guys will chime in.