Crazy Weather


Keep it lubed .... keep it straight .... and keep
Mar 30, 2005
North Carolina
Yeah, it's kinda crazy here. Hail storms (golf ball size), thunder & lightning, and even tornado's touching down in spots. The bad stuff seems to be hitting upstate SC right now, though.

I swear, if my car get's beat up by hail, I will be pissed!!!
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I got caught in a hail storm once with my stang. I literally drove it off the road and into the woods. I jumped out and took off my fleece and shirt I was wearing and through them on the trunk lid, windshield, and hood. I didn't worry about the roof (its a 'vert and the stuff just bounced off). It was a HORRIBLE experience. I saw that the sky was starting to get black and I headed for home, but I didn't make it in time. Luckily no damage was done.

Today right before the hail started I pulled my focus as close as I could to the house to help protect it a little.