De-Tuning Voertech SC Cobra '98


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Mar 31, 2005
Valley, AL
I'm looking to restore my 1998 Cobra to a N/A setup by removing the Vortech SC kit off of the motor. Since I bought the car with the kit installed, I will need parts to take it back to a N/A condition (MAF, FI's, CAI, Original pulleys?, Belt, etc.). I was wondering if anyone could point me to some information as to what I'll need in order to get the right N/A parts for the engine.

Also looking to determine what size FI's I should use on the car. The car will still keep the following setup/mods: Accufab single blade TB, IMRC delete, full length headers-performance exhaust system, MSD ignition box and MSD coils. I have 42lb injectors installed with the Vortech setup. I have available a set of 30lb injectors and need to know if these will be too much.

I am also running a T-56 6 Speed transmission and a set of 4.10 gears in the rear. Any help, comments or resources would be greatly appreciated.

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The cars all came with 24# injectors but 24#'s are done by 300hp its possible you could be around there with the built motor depending on what compression you are running.

Are you going to be having the car retuned for a NA setup? If so then I would stick with the 30# injectors. The car will require a pcm recalibration to run the 30# injectors correctly anyways so I would leave them there.
If you use 30's you should have the car tuned anyways, even with the kit and other mods off. The tuner should be able to detune those injectors. My tuner can used any size injectors if they are close in size and make them work with any mods.
Thank you all for your comments/posts. As of right now, I have managed to procure another S-trim blower for the car. With all that's been done to get it there, it should be much more simple to just bolt on the new unit and take it to MPH and get her re-tuned. This will be my third blower unit!

I did determine that I was using too small a pulley (2.75") for the S-Trim for the RPM's I was running on this motor (>6,500). I'm going up to a 3.33" pulley and hope that the system will become more dependable this time around and provide me with at least several years of enjoyment instead of several months...

If anyone's interested in the 30#'s I have, feel free to make me an offer!