Electrical problem, Please help....


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Nov 29, 2004
Miami, FL
Ok well I left school on my lunch just now and suddenly my radio goes off speedo dies and clock goes black. No my power locks wont unlock also. I check the fuses and the number 8 fuse is blown under the dash. Thats the one that controls the radio, unlock, clock, and cluster and etc. Its a 10a so i replace it and the new one pops as soon as its in. So i think maybe because key was in ignition so i took keys out and put the new one in and pop again as soon as i try to put it in.... any suggestions would be great.. Thanks...
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:mad: :mad: **** it I am going to sell this POS... Pull the radio and let someone else deal with it... I bought this car so I would not have any problems but an electrical problem... Theres nothing I can do about it now... **** this!......:bang: :mad:
just checked. Nothing, its the number 8 I/P fuse panel fuse blowing. I unplugged the radio and the clock and it still pops. That fuse send power to courtesy lamps, radio, power mirror, remote keyless entry, clock, illuminated entry...
Follow up

In my fit or rage today during lunch I pulled out everything and found the problem it seems. The harness for the gauge cluster had rubbed against the dash so much from being removed by me so many times that it went threw the wire loom and threw the wire insulation so it was grounding out on the dash and blowing the fuse. So now its fixed and fuse isnt blowing anymore. Everything works now :D