Engine mods after 75K


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Mar 16, 2003
SE Minnesota
because my dad bought my car and it is a Certified Used, i cant touch the engine as far as mods until the warenty it all up. I have a 99, so its up at either 75K or Dec. 04, whichever comes first. I have almost 66K on it now and its gona be close to get 75K or Dec 04. I have plans to do some travelin this summer (like 3500 mile trip to the East Coast) so the 75K might come first. But anyway, since i will be graduating this spring, HS, i will have some extra money plus i hope to be working 40+ hours a week at 9.50 an hour. So i will have some money to spend on the car. I was wondering if doing some engine work would be a bad idea after 75K on the engine. I was thinking a Venom Kit from Extreme Effects with RR, heads, intake, springs, and cam. Maybe some P&P work if i have moeny for it. any probelms with this on a high milage engine?
thanks in advance and sorry for the long read.
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Mar 16, 2003
SE Minnesota
obviously a 200 shot and 40 psi will blow any engine up if its not beefed up internally. But cany my 99 auto with 75K miles on the odometer take a kit like the venom one?


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Dec 4, 2003
West Texas
Why do people think anything older than 30k miles is over the hill :shrug: I used to Rent cars for Hertz when I was younger and this lady who had one of our cars called me up and wanted to swap cars. I said np I was bored and had plenty of cars. I asked her what was wrong with the car and she said she wanted something a little newer. So I looked her up in the computer to see where we was at so I could pull something newer if I had it and save it for her. The car she was renting had 1,500 miles on it so I kinda fliped out lol I pulled my keys out and the newest thing I had was 15k and 18k on them. Needless to say she was a little upset but cept the car she was in :rlaugh:

Well anyways if it was me I would attack that motor with an atitude from hell :D Port and polish the heads and clean the intakes up a bit and then slap a nice cam in that bad boy. I'm not a juice man my self but if you run it I probly wouldn't go higher than a 125 shot and make it a wet system. Once thats done go have some rice :nice:


Jul 13, 2003
Oxford, MS
stroke it, cam, ported heads/intake, underdrive pullies, alum. d/s, roller rockers, valve springs then slap an 11psi supercharger on it. If you have the dough, get a t/c and run about 15-20psi if you get the internals upgraded. That should give alot of cars a run for their money. You can call up some of these companies online (D&D Motorsports, Supersix, etc) and talk to them about setups and they'll help you out a ton.


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Feb 22, 2004
1 Ported head and intake
2 Gears-no less then 4.30
3 chip
4 alum. D/S
5 pullies
6 intake/cams
7 DR...........and the list goes on


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Mar 22, 2002
In an Igloo
If you are serious about modding an older engine. I personally would just do a compression test and a leak down test. These tests will give you a good idea as to wether to mod the cars engine or start with rebuilding the internals first. But I figure you should be fine anyways, these motors are built pretty tough.

You could but the compression tester for like 20 bucks from an auto store and do it yourself as well, or take it in and get it done.

Also I would go with www.rpm-mustangs.com or www.supersixmotorsports.com if your looking at heads/cams/intakes, they have a good reputation. The venom kits from EE in my understanding have not been around as long so they don't have a name/reputation yet. Just some food for thought. I am in no way affiliated with any of these guys! But I went through rpm mustangs, they have great customer service and quality stuff.
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