Engine Number


May 6, 2018
Hi Guys,

Just registering my car and I am told I need an ENGINE NUMBER. Apparently it isn't the 'Casting Number' but an actual engine number.

I have looked in the repair manuals, online, everywhere and can't see where this can be.

This is to register my car in Australia. The guy doing it doesn't know where it would be on these cars but is sure it would have one.

Any suggestions ??
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There should be a smooth flat spot on the top, rear of the block by the intake wall, it has a number that is stamped and may be hard to read, I think it is on the right side, which would be the drivers side down there.
@FoxChasis can confirm this when he checks in or some one else that knows
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All Ford engines since 1968 have had a VIN or partial VIN stamped on the engine. For the 302 it's the rear of engine where the intake manifold meets the block.


It's usually the last 8 digits of the VIN. If your engine was replaced at some point, the replacement won't have this stamped on it. Sometimes machine shops mill it off when rebuilding an engine. In that case, buy yourself a few punches, and punch in the last 8 digits of your VIN on the block in this location and call it a day.

There's also a partial VIN stamped on the trans
If they just need a number, without looking themselves, could you just give them the last of your vin?


That's probably what I would do, but since I tend to imagine worst case, I would think the only way this could be an issue is if down the road some official needs to check the number. They look and see that the number is different (engine was replaced) and now they want him to prove he acquired the engine legally or something odd like that.

I only say this because I was recently privy to someone trying to recertify a salvage vehicle here in MA. The inspection process dealt less with safety, and more with proving the replacement parts for the (water) salvage car were obtained legally. Needed a papertrail for all the replacement parts and such. Total PITA

Prob never happened, but yeah..i'd assume it was last 8 digits of vin. I'd still take a peek.
Unsure. Need to see what location you are referring to.

But yes, last 8 digits of vin are usually what is stamped. It's hand stAmped, I have a transmission taken from a car where the first two digits were stamped reveresed...so mistakes happen
Then just buy some punches and punch the last 8 digits of your vin into the area shown above. If your engine was rebuilt or replaced at some point, the number won't be there.

I be a majority of the Mustangs in the US don't have an engine number that matches their car, or one that's even present due to 30 year or so of swapping engines, rebuilds and crate motor installs.
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Your just gonna have to bite it. I doubt you can get back there without removing the heater hoses, throttle body and possible the upper intake, not that much work, and you may find it has numbers already, mine are barely visible.
It is actually on the left side of the car from the PIC so heater hoses aren't in the way but upper intake needs to come off and maybe a few other bits and bobs
Just bought a super bright narrow beam inspection light so will try with that and the mirror first
Yes ! After a can of Heavy Duty Degreaser and contorting my body across the top of the engine I was able to positively locate the numbers.
The picture was a huge help.
I can't get a picture of mine as there is too much on the way..but now I am AOK as I can show the VASS and Roadworthy guys !
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