Exhaust rubbed a notches into my rear end


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Oct 7, 2003
Broken Arrow, OK
I now have grooves in my axel housing on my rear end. I have to replace my exhaust to becasue they are grooved so bad that its *******. I had some muffler shop guy take my CATS out and he tossed in some hollow pipes. Well I think he made them a little too long and it casued my exhaust to rub against my axel. New W pipe now too!!! Well it was an illegal job so I dont think I can do much... No receipt, But the Question is Can I replace just the axel housings or do I need a whole new rear end.

Also is a cobra rear end the same as a GT, except for brakes. I can move the disc over. I think I read something that the Cobra rear end was a 1/4 in wider.
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The housing is the same but the internals will need to be switched over since you have disc brakes. Your cobra axles are longer, actually 3/4" per side.

Never seen a tail pipe rub through the axle tubes, what was the exhaust made out of, stainless?
I guess there stainless... I didnt think it was possible either. Both the exhaust and axle have large grooves. I can just see the thing breaking any day. Question is can I just get new axel housings welded on to my existing setup or should I just get a new rear end?
It'd be easier in the long run I'd think to get a donor axle and swap things over or even get yourself some Moser axles for the new rear end and swap out the rear brakes after you've got the new one ready to go in.
Check out the 87-88 T-bird Turbo Coupe rear end - same rear axle & brakes as the 93 Cobra. Auto trans 87-88 Tbird Turbo Coupes come with 3.73 gears and manual Turbo Coupes come with 3.55 gears. I choose 3.55 since I do more highway driving. Both ratios have 10.5 disk brakes with vented rotors as standard equipment.