Fastest you have gone in your fox body?

Hey...I was just wonderin what kind of speeds you guys have had your fox bodies going? I had my Mustang with just bolt on's doing 140 on a long long empty road, but didn't really want to push it past that.

Also if you what stopped you from going faster...out of power? out of gear? car starting to lift? got scared?

Sorry if this is a repost...tried to do a search on it, but didn't really come up with much...
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Turkey Sammich

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Jul 12, 2006
Ive had it up to 137mph. Did not push it further due to: 1. It started shaking badly. (In need of a re-alignment and new susp.) 2. Did not want to get pulled over. I hope to get it out on the track this summer for a better mph. :D


Sep 29, 2003
Asheboro, NC
Not sure how fast I had mine, speedo was just below 140mph but I know it is off due to the speedo gear I run in the car isn't correct. That was with approx -10 base timing, and it took a while lol. That was when I kinda figured out something was wrong when the intake swap didn't net me any gains lol.

Fastest in a race was 118 vs a friends ls1 z28. Lid and cat-back. 1st run had a half car on him when 5th didn't engage. 2nd run was over a car length, I got into the throttle before he did, and 5th done the same thing, wouldn't engage. 3rd run was a bad start for me so I shut down. Keep in mind his is a a4 2.73 geared one, and the first 2 runs were from a 50 punch, 3rd was a 35mph one but I shoulda dropped ot 2nd.


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Jul 27, 2001
Canton, MI
130ish and it was dark, after I got there I shut 'er down because it was frightening going that fast in that setting. I think I went that fast again once more, but not for long again.

After that I think it was ~105 for maybe half a minute in the middle of the day, at which time I shut 'er down because it was frightening going that fast on another state's highway thinking of a cop coming after me. Funny thing about that is there was nearly nobody on the road for miles for some reason, on either side of the highway, and while I was going that fast a cop was on the other side of the highway. I had the top down and a clear view, and we both turned our heads to stare at each other for the second we were in each other's view. All I remember thinking was "Oh *****!" and took one of the first exits I saw after that point to get the hell out of the way in case he came after me. I needed gas anyway :p


Oct 29, 2006
Charleston, SC
my speedo only goes to 85 /cry. so far as i can see every 1k rpm is 30ish mph in OD. i've been to up to 5grand in OD, so thats 150ish. i couldn't go any further cause my transmission wont let me floor it and stay in OD.
When I first got my Fox back in Mar 05 when it was bone stock I had it up to 135 mph on the autobahn, then I remembered I had still had snow tires on:rlaugh:

I haven't tried it since I put the supercharger, heads, cam, intake, full exhaust, tranny, suspension etc.

I've had my automatic 04 Mach with 4.10 gears up to 166mph (GPS verified), couldn't go any faster because of the gears. Here's a pic of the Mach at 148.