Finally got my turbo retuned - dyno numbers


Nov 18, 2003
Grand Rapids, MI
I finally got my car retuned and learned how much power I've had for the past 5 years. The HP is lower than I was expecting but not the torque. I found out my gauge may have been wrong for a few years. I've been thinking I'm at 15psi but it was only like 12. I would have pushed it more, but the torque was starting to concern me a bit. One pull was 591 tq, but we backed it down a touch and smoothed it out some. Tuned by Lidio.

485 hp 580 tq

Best part is, my car idles now!

95 GTS
custom kit with precision 67 0.81
gt40p ported heads
trickflow stage 1 cam and street intake
stock TB



YouTube - ‪95 turbo stang dyno tune at alternative‬‏

YouTube - ‪95 turbo mustang burnout‬‏
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Jun 14, 2004
Acworth, GA
Nice numbers dude. I wouldn't worry about cracking the block that much. You're not pulling that much rpm.



Nov 18, 2003
Grand Rapids, MI
So I was beating on my car today and at WOT the car shut off and a pop came out of the exhaust. I was like great there goes the motor.

Turns out it was just the MSD box. I got a new one at autzone and back on the road!!


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Apr 20, 2009
Largo, FL
Your ride is EXACTLY what I wanted out of my GTS but was never able to get it taken care of :( Simple h/c/i, turbo, and a solid tune. AWESOME numbers man, congrats! :nice: Enjoy the car, and honestly without the crazy high RPM I feel like your motor should be safe to romp on for awhile :D I still firmly believe in the fact that turbo motors (high power up top) puts less wear and tear on those little old 5.0's. :nice:


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Sep 5, 2001
Fort Knox, KY
Just for the hell of it, I'm bringing this old build thread back to life for the noobs talking about dart blocks and shiz... I love this combo and think it's about the most cost effective way to make power on a stock block.
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Jul 2, 2009
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12.2/12.3 AFR is too greedy for my liking.... 11.8 is typically my target for a build like yours. I know that Lidio knows what he is doing, and I am not knocking the guy in the least bit. I am much more conservative however.
Nice build and great numbers!

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Mar 7, 2008
New Jersey
My air fuels are a tad rich...there like 11.2s...could be the meth causing that car is seeing like 18 psi can someone say boost I want a new waste gate....or a boost controller whats a good one and how hard are they to install?


My dad had a bra
SN Certified Technician
Sep 5, 2001
Fort Knox, KY
Figure out your problem first, otherwise you're wasting money. One "or" the other is not going to fix the creep. Check your lines to make sure that the pressure signal to the wastegate is good, first. Next, do you know what spring you're running?
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