Finally got some times on my Mustang!


5 Year Member
Apr 2, 2005
Finally got to the track & sprayed her. I don't know what happened, but I can't get traction at Atco anymore. :notnice:

Anyway, best was a 11.4 w/a ****ty 1.8 60' Yes, ****ty b/c I'm on slicks! :nonono:

Car has at least 11.0 in it w/the full size fronts if I can get it to hook. It went 10.8 w/skinnies courtesy of the previous owner.

1st run on the bottle I had 1 hand on the wheel & 1 on the shifter. Launch & the tq makes my hand shift into 2nd on the launch. Oops!

Then another run I'm halfway down the track and I hear a loud pop. I figure the car is ****ed. I get off it...everything seems fine so I get back in it. get back to the lanes & the CAi pipe popped off the filter. Slap that back on & wait for my next run. That pissed me off b/c that was the only other run of the night with a 1.8 60'.

There was anotehr run where, somehow, my Auto Meter tach decided to set it's shift point too low I am too busy keeping the car straight so I am not staring at the RPMs. I'm looking for the shift light. So it goes off early & I shift. Great, another wasted run. :rlaugh:

Oh well, I still had fun and the car is healthy & runs strong. Just have to get some damn traction. I blame poor prep & not enough big dogs there to lay down some rubber. :shrug:

I'd like to get her tuned for the spray to get some more out of her, but no point in tuning twice if the turbo is going to go on. No one is buying it so it's eventually going to go on the car. ;)
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