Geting E7s poterd

Farmers SN95

Jun 2, 2006
I am geting my heads ported, shaved and lower ported, but should I put a cam in it? (need a can that I can run with out a tune)
I did a Search and see that some have used the Steeda #19 cam with out a tune.
I am going to run the stock pedestal rockers, any one know what PR to use?

And who sell the Steeda #19 cam for less?
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The cheapest you will see the cam is $200, imo I wouldn't waste the money on a cam in that combo. You should really think about what you want out of your car, if your looking for just Little more power than you should probably just do some bolt on's, If your looking for the type of power gains head and cam swaps offer than you should probley wait same some $ and get some aftermarket heads intake and cam with a tune, I dont know how much $ your putting into the stock heads, but some people regret it because they spend so much on machine shop work they could of bought some aluminum heads. Ive seen threads were someone dynod 220 rwhp with gt40's and the steeda cam, and anyone who drives a stang loves the low end torque, from what ive read say goodbye to your low end with the steeda #19.

Many people on this site will tell you plan and plan well.

As for the push rods, since your heads are being milled you will have to use a push rod lenght tool to determine the lenght
Ive got ported stock heads and intake, and that mod only i gained about 4 tenths in the 1/4 mile. Car is still not in time perfect, and i have some exhaust leaks and few imperfections, i think i get it timed perfect, and fix the exhaust leaks, id gain another tenth or so. The bottem end torque with the stock cam is great, but top end kinda sucks. I wish i would have went ahead and stuck a cam in to bring the top end up a lil bit. Need more power up top. For what i have in the heads and intake being pnp. This was a damn good mod for the money. And i know u will be gettin it for around the same price, so i would jump on it. Very good mod for what i have in them. under 200 dollars.