Going Carb. What to do with efi parts?

Well, I have been talked into setting up the mustang to run a carb setup. I have a lot of parts laying around now with just under 500 miles on them. I guess I'm trying to see what kind of interest there is here on stangnet before I throw them up on ebay. I don't want to post them on the classifieds page yet because I don't know if the intereset is there. Here is my list.

Keep in mind everything was bought new and has less than 500 miles on them unless otherwise noted.

-255lph Walbro fuel pump-
-Kirban Adjustable fuel pressure regulator w/ gage-
-30 # injectors (8) - Bought them used w/ 50 miles on them-
-Trickflow Track Heat upper & lower intake-
-70 mm Edelbrock Throttle Body & EGR spacer-
-C & L 76mm MAF w/ 30 # tube and truflo pipe. Also has the stock MAF sensor included.-
-K&N Cone Filter. Probably has about 5000 miles and needs a mild cleaning.-
-Procomp billet efi distributor-
-stock computer for 93 LX 5.0 5 speed-
-EFI Harness-

I guess if anyone wants to make an offer then I will consider them. Hope I can help someone out.

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if you have emissions testing in your area, you will want to keep the EFI parts. You will not legally pass the smog inspection with a carb on a car that was originally EFI equipped.


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if you couldn't read the sarcasim, I am sorry... I guess that doesn't trasfer through the internet.

Best thing to do is sell them here in the classified's or on eBay.