Good Deal on Tires


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Oct 8, 2003
Southwest Ohio
Just thought I'd let you guys know...Tirerack has a great price right now on Bridgestone Potenza RE050A...$90 per tire closeout pricing for 245/45/17.

I was already planning to buy tires after xmas, so this was great timing for me.

Sure, the wear rating is low, but for $90 I figure it's worth it for a real sticky summer tire.
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Call up and check the date codes on the tires.

They has the same deal on some Bridgestone Potenza S-03's a while back that i jumped on. For the price it was a good deal, but the date codes are a little older than i would like. Doesn't matter because i'll have them worn down before the 6-year expiration is up.

The rubber in the tires breaks down even when not in use, so if a tire is more than 6 years old you should replace it. This goes for spare tires as well.
The tire shop I work for goes on a 4 year age limit. We see to much in sidewall cracks after four years, new or used. The rubber compound gets harder as time passes as they sit on the shelf. I would not buy a tire over a year old off the shelf. To me, there must have been a reason for them to sit so long as fast as we turn tires. I have seen many come in to mount their internet tires and there are many issues that the buyers never realized. Not saying that there are not good deals, just make an educated purchase. I like saving a buck too.
Thanks for the tip.
Tire Rack always has great prices and their customer service
is second to none.Since my current tires are getting bald later
this year I will be buying four brand new Goodyear F1 GS D3's
from them can't wait. :nice: