got dyno tuned. VERY unhappy, need suggestions quick


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Jan 17, 2003
I tried to get a tune, with 3 pulls. My best pull was 296 h.p. 356 tq. My A/F ratio is 10.5 and drops off even more after 4500. Its pinging like a bastard and is generally not running right. I'm obviously running WAY too rich, but they can't tune that out without a chip. The tech said my options are either to get a chip, in which he'll delete the egr functions and TRY to get my a/f ration round 11.55. For some reason he said i may still get pinging though, what's the deal with that? Or he said to go with 30lb. injectors and a new maf. What do you guys think i should do. Either way he said i should see atleast 30 more horses. If i can get my scanner to work right i'll post up the dyno sheet. Please help guys i need to get this done. thanks alot. By the way, apparantly i'm only seeing 4-5 lbs of boost, which IMO is bull****, cause it has a smaller pulley and upgraded impellar.
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well, i'm definately not keeping this setup, the s/c sucks ass and takes more power to spin it, than it actually makes. But i don't wanna get rid of the injectors cause i have a 331 with some afr 185's and the such in the works. My question is, is it possible to tune the fuel out with a chip, or am i going to need to swap injectors. I figured a chip would be good cuz they could get rid of my egr functions, and change other perameters. the cost is around 500 bucks though.
How do you figure that tweaking the EGR settings is going to correct THAT much of a fuel issue? Those injectors are just flat out too big. It's the same reason why you don't put a 80 mm MAF or 70 mm TB on a stock motor. The mod is providing more air or fuel than the setup can handle.
The injectors are fine, run more boost to compensate. Once you have a chip in the car it will all work out. You're lucky the car runs at all with injectors that size on a stock computer. Talk to the guys at They can mail you a chip that will work just fine.

How could i run more boost to compensate? I can't just pull it out of my ass. Baglok, your saying there's no way i can keep my injectors, and just have them burn a chip to correct the excess fuel? Is this a possibility, i'm on a very limited budjet and really don't want to buy another set of injectors and a new MAF.
Last time I checked, JMS was selling chips for $300 through the mail. Those guys definately know their ****. My car idles at 1000 rpms with their chip. It barely runs with the stock computer, and idles at 1700 rpms. If you want to know if you can keep your injectors, give them a call. They will tell you everything you need to know.

Installing it is easy. You remove the computer which is behind the right kick panel, clean the surface of the service port (technical name of the port eludes me), and plug in the chip. 15 minutes of work tops.

fastf50rd said:
Baglok, your saying there's no way i can keep my injectors, and just have them burn a chip to correct the excess fuel?

You could have them shorten the hell out of the pulse width and they'd work, but it isn't the best solution. Of course, the best solution is a perfectly matched setup. Changing something throws it all out of wack.
what kind of dyno tune did you get, where they didnt already burn you a chip?? and shouldnt running rich take care of the pinging problem??...idk maybe im just missing something, but you need a chip to run that blower...thats a given...and the blower does not take more power to turn than it makes...RC is running a vortech strim and has fewerr bolt ons than you do, and is doing just just need to get it tuned by someone who knows what they are doing....

when they did my auto logic chip "kauffamns here in pa they had to lean out my combo too with 38lb inj and my 4 to 1 fmu it was rich up top they shortened up the pulswidth and that gained me 30 hp but my car ran without a chip to the tune of 425 at the wheels , make sure your belt is tight you might even have to try the vht trick on it . the detonation thing thats scary you will have to run less timing or better gas ???? mix in some 100 octane and see what happens. :shrug:
I just want to add that I don't think a dyno tune involves 3 pulls ... I would think a proper tune would require a time length, like 30 minutes of the tuner's time or 1 hour, etc. and however many pulls it takes to make the adjustments.
In actuallity, it's starting to sound not like a dyno tune, but rather three pulls on the dyno that you tried to tune in the middle of. The two are vastly different. As mentioned, most dyno-tunes are priced by the hour, not the pull.