Got the car Re-Tuned by [email protected]

Well, yesterday I drove all the way to Mobile, AL to get my car re-tuned by James at RWTD. As most of you know, the first time my car only made 3 pulls due to some serious clutch slip. Well, the clutch seems to be holding up fine now (chirping third when I short shift) so we spent all afternoon tuning the car. James was awesome and even tried to show me what the hell he was looking at (a whole bunch of numbers that looked like...numbers) and what all of it meant. I got there around 1 and he showed up shortly after around 130.

Got right into tuning the car and on the first pull the car made 461/433 due to being super rich and crazy false knock. He did that a few times with the same results and finally decided to just turn the knock sensors off completely. Next run he mad 457/453. So he looked at it some more and then decided to go to another car he had tuned with the same stuff done to it and just dropped in his spark tables and the very next pull I made 475/460. He then messed with the fuel a little bit and the car finally made 475/465 on 11lbs of boost. We then swapped pulley's to a 3.625" pulley (8lbs) and just did one pull and made 453/433 making 9lbs of boost. Overall I am extremely happy with the tune and it is super safe w/ a flat 11.5-11.6 a/f ratio across the board.

I took some video of it but I am in the process of getting some exhaust clips a long with a few other things before I import and start editing the video.

Forgot to mention that to be safe he turned the knock sensors back on from 3500rpms up. He made it to where they can only pull timing instead of add any to be even safer :)
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