GT40-p or GT40-x

I just blew a head gasket on my car and have a friend that has a set of gt40-p's and gt40-x's that i can get from him. My question is which are better and why? I do have a turbo setup and the headers on the car now are not forgiving, and i had to notch the exhaust pipe coming from the turbo down so i could get the plug wire on the sparkplug. I think that the P heads move the sparkplug to a different location, to fire in the middle of the piston. Thanks for all of the help.
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Oct 31, 2006
Chengdu Province
The X is the better head, and yes, the Ps usually require a special header. Watch the combustion chamber volume, I believe the Xs came in two different sizes, one being 58cc, which will raise your compression ratio if you're running stock heads right now.


I want to measure mine. It doesn't look that tall.
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Jul 6, 2006
X's are aluminum and wont require special headers. The p's are iron heads. unless you the p's are basically free I dont see why picking them is a logical choice.