Guess My H P !!! - The Dyno & 1/4 Mile Time Thread


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Sep 5, 2003
Montgomery, NY
Without seeing the sig (the mobile version of this site doesn't show them on my phone), the best I can guess is the times varied over some years, something like 5-6 years.

The 12.56 was way back before the car was lowered, painted, exhaust changed, however on a dyno it made more power (272/316 at its most). I remember the mph on that pass was low, not certain any particular reason. The slicks were aired down to 10-11 psi, so that might have played a roll.

The 12.53 on 17" tires the car was in the 107-108 range all day. It is usually in the 106-107 mph range.

I remember the day where it mph consistently over 108, and if my sig notes a 111 mph, it was that day and I honestly think that one pass was a fluke or something with the tracks timing was off. The car was trapping 108 and even 109 that day, but on the one pass it said 111. I probably have it listed in the sig but would never call my car a 111 mph car. I wouldn't even call it a 108 mph car. It's mainly in the 106-107 area.

I think it boils down to 3 different tracks I run at, much different weather, and not sure what else!
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Reef Blue 5.0

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Sep 10, 2012
Trick Flow track heat intake
75mm throttle body
Edelbrock Performer aluminum heads
Bullet Racing camshaft 220/220 dur 529/530 lift
1.7 cobra roller rockers
A.E.M. 340 in tank fuel pump
Vortech V3 Supercharger 10 lbs boost
Pro M 80 mm maf
Bosch 42 lbs injectors
Boostmaster power inlet tube
Msd 6al
Msd btm
SCT tune chip
Dyno tune by Lamotta Performance

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Nov 27, 2004
Salt Lake City, Utah
Well, since I just dyno'd it today.....
331 stroker
Edelbrock RPMII intake
75mm Accufab throttle body
AFR185 emission compliant aluminum heads
Cam Dynamic's custom camshaft 230/235 dur 544/544 lift
1.6 S\S Magnum rockers
Walbro 255 in tank fuel pump
Pro M 75 mm maf
FRPP 30 lbs injectors
Anderson Ford 4" power pipe
Msd 6al & dial adjust retard box
SCT tune chip
Dyno tune by Premier Performance
BBK 1&3\4" long tubes & 2.5" catted H-pipe
2.5" cat back with Flowmaster stainless 2.5" full length tail pipes


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Stroked and Juiced
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Nov 5, 2008
you too..!..track times? always curious what other people are running so i know what realistic numbers i should aim for.....

thanks...sorry track times are slim only two passes in the last couple years when i first got my stroker done i ran to the track and did the same burnout and left at same rpm as when i ran my stock engine with a 125 dry shot. Blew the tires off it lol so bad i didnt take my slip drove right past the window, then last year i went once with the idea roll it off the line get into it top of 2nd and see what i would trap well that sucked my 60 and 330 was so bad it hurt my 1/4 i ran i think slip is not in my hand 13.20ish @ 102mph i know this car can do way better so dont go by this. Heres my biggest reasons for not making passes every weekend $ i would live in a trailer at the track and make passes all day if i could afford it. Theres no damage control if something breaks so its roll race and go for cruises and stomp on it all the time have fun!!


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Oct 21, 2005
st. louis, mo
stlmustangs dyno day today, 3 runs, so some results:


264hp/296tq peak

mods are:
2001 explorer longblock
tfs stage1 cam
stock stamped rockers
tfs street intake
65mm t/b, 70mm egr spacer
older pro-flo mass air
24lb injectors
bbk shorties
summit o/r h-pipe
mac catback
taurus fan
smog and a/c delete
4.10 gears

i cant find the timeslip anymore, but best run with my :poo:ty driving was a [email protected] with a crappy 60' (2.08-2.1 iirc, might have been 2.06).

posting a dyno vid in the "how it sits" thread
[email protected] on a 100 shot, [email protected] N/A
306, 9.5:1, performer RPM, 650 Demon, Trick Flow TW heads out of the box, shortie 1 5/8 headers, no cats, T5, 3.73, 255 drag radials, single adj shocks, coil over fronts, Trick Flow Stage 1 cam, Flowmaster exhaust out the back. More details in profile
Performance Automatic c4 and Performance Automatic 3000 convertor installed, new times.. 12.12 N/A, 11.20 100 shot


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May 27, 2014
Detroit MI.
90 Mustang LX

x302 Heads
E303 Cam
70 mm Throttle Body
73 mm MAF (NOW I HAVE A 90mm MAF)
stock pump (NOW I HAVE A WALBRO 405 FUEL PUMP)
30# Injectors (NOW I HAVE 60# INJECTORS)
Aluminum Drive Shaft
3.55 gears
BBK Shorties and X-Pipe with complete exhaust(no turn downs)
Polished Cobra Intake

First time ever going down a track that day (July 12 2014) and my best time was 13,701 at 107 mph with 2.195 60 ft time(Basically a 2.2 60 ft) with 245 45 17 street tires.

Not sure what the horse power was at this time but today I had my car professionally tuned because I installed a Vortech v3 Si supercharger kit to my mustang. I upgraded to 60# injectors, walbro 405 fuel pump, SCT BA-2600 MAF (all requests from my tuner Lidio) and after the tune my car made:

461 RWHP
452 RWTQ
9#s Boost

I should be going to the track for redemption here in the next few weeks and I will edit this posting to the new times!!



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I'm kind of a She-Man
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Aug 25, 2011
Between the Red and Rio
'95 Mustang Gt

Stock rebuilt long block
E7 heads
Comp beehive springs
.512 lift cam on in/ex 281 duration
Ported HO lower intake
Stock Upper intake
Stock throttle body and MAF
19# injectors with FMU
Stock fuel pump with Vortech's T-rex inline pump
Vortech V3 6-8 lb boost
Stock headers
Stock h-pipe with pre-cats removed and aft cats replaced w "high flow's"
Forza Flow chambered mufflers
MSD ignition
22* total timing
332 rwhp 334 rwtq


GTFO you fat, heavy bastard
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Oct 21, 2005
st. louis, mo
update for mine after a tune at stlmustangs

dyno sheet 8-14-15 lr.jpg

current combo is:
2001 explorer short block
tfs 170cc heads milled to 58cc (dual spring upgrade)
tfs stage 2 cam
edelbrock performer rpm2
70mm accufab t/b and egr spacer
bbk fenderwell cai
pro-flow (pro-m) 73mm maf calibrated for 24's
used ford 24lb injectors
bbk unequal shorties
summit o/r h
mac catback
a/c, air pump, egr delete (only "emissions" hardware left is the charcoal/evap canister and pcv)
mcleod super street pro clutch
1st-gen tko
4.10 gears


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Apr 3, 2015
congrats to all those that have over 300hp coming out from rear wheels. But seeing those under 300hp with those mods are disappointing! I have a 93 5.0 and would like to have 300hp natural aspirated i have aluminum heads, 1.6 rockers, high flow cats, and I now know I won't be close to 300hp. again I am happy to have my car but now realize viewing these dyno runs that it is tough to get 300 reliable hp from a 87-95 5.0 engine. Thks for posting those dyno sheets.


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Mar 17, 2003
First dyno pull on the 347 in my '68. I gambled on the CR and lost - we could only put 26* of total timing in it on 91 octane pump gas. Nevertheless here are my results:

- Probe -6 cc pistons
- Probe crank
- AFR 185 heads,1.6 Comp Gold rockers
- Edelbrock RPM Air Gap intake, ported by Ed Curtis
- Ed Curtis cam 605/600 lift, 224/234 duration
- Edelbrock 750 carb
- MSD Pro-billet distributor
- 10.6:1 CR (too high for pump gas)

438 RWTQ @ 2545 RPM
378 RWHP @ 5958 RPM

I'm going to swap the pistons to lower the CR then we'll see what she can really do!

Dyno Results Click Here


I have been doing it wrong this whole time
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Mar 23, 2007
Middle of Maine
1989 Saleen
358 cid SBF
2.8L Kenne Bell S/C with custom air/water I/C
18 psi after I/C
904 hp 697 lb/ft trq Dynojet
1st ever hit down the 1/4 mile BEFORE dyno tune: 8.623 @ 159.82 mph
3.73:1 rear gear 8.8"
26 X 8.5 Hoosier


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Jason 302

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Aug 9, 2003
Newark, Ohio
Trick Flow track heat intake
75mm throttle body
Edelbrock Performer aluminum heads
Bullet Racing camshaft 220/220 dur 529/530 lift
1.7 cobra roller rockers
A.E.M. 340 in tank fuel pump
Vortech V3 Supercharger 10 lbs boost
Pro M 80 mm maf
Bosch 42 lbs injectors
Boostmaster power inlet tube
Msd 6al
Msd btm
SCT tune chip
Dyno tune by Lamotta Performance

I'm getting ready to put a V3 on my HCI 306. Those are exactly the numbers I'm looking for.
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Bob F

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May 14, 2015
Roscoe IL
HP = 228.78 @ 4750 rpm TORQUE = 290.84 @ 3750
This is my "before" run. Mild bolt ons, BBK shortys, h pipe, dynomax ultra flo's, MAC cai, 70mm tb, MSD cap, rotor, coil, 9mm plug wires, March pullies, phenolic spacer, timing at 14*, 160 thermostat, 5 speed, speed density.


Before was basic bolt ons. After is GT40p heads, 1.7 rockers, Cobra intake with tmoss ported lower, 24lb. injectors, mass air conversion, 75mm pro m maf, alum. driveshaft, 340 fuel pump, 130 amp alt.,
All work done by Mike Post in Hampshire IL. The guy is awesome! He said with some tweaking and an 80mm MAF there are some more ponies there. And maybe a SCT chip in my future?

That's awesome Bob! Congrats. Throw a cam in there and you might see close to 300! But probably not worth the trouble. You're going to install a blower next year aren't you?

Thanks Todd, It was raining yesterday so with lower humidity it might be a little better. Only problem now is approaching stops with the clutch in the idle drops to 500 and has died twice. My mechanic said TPS is set at .94. He thinks it could be loading up because it is running a little rich due to the BBK adj. regulator not going under 40 psi (and BBK pressure gauge is reading a false 50 psi). Or he said to check the line going from passenger side valve cover to throttle body. The blower would be nice and that is my goal. I'm sure I would also have to go down to a 3.73 gear or I might even want a 3.55.

Very nice! I'm taking my 273 RWHP to Byron Dragway tomorrow. I'm hoping for high 13's. I just added two Flowmaster cats yesterday cause it smelled so bad, so I'm sure I lost a little hp.


I was car # 14. About what I expected. Next will be 100 hp Nitrous, should get me into the 12's!


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Mine is only two inches though.
10 Year Member
Oct 11, 2011
Waldorf, MD
347 stroked motor
185 edelbrock heads squared down to 56cc
Tfs stage one cam
Holley systemax intake
Ross Pistons -22cc dish
Eagle h beam rods
Eagle forged crank
Master power T70 turbo
Tial 38mm wastegate (7lb) spring
Tial 44mm blow off valve
Front mount intercooler
Tuned by @84Ttop buddy Kris


Car made almost 460 to the wheels.

Went to the track last night


Here's that same pass


Let off at the 1000' mark I was actually racing the guy in the other lane so didn't need to drag it all the way out

[EDIT] Update:
Well I made another pass and squeezed a bit more out of it 10.7 at 122.1mph

[EDIT 2] Update 2
That's so badass Mike!
Don't wanna keep adding to this but now I swapped wastegate springs and I'm netting 10lbs of pressure. Car has now gone 10.34 at 129mph with a 1.41 60'
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