Guess My H P !!! - The Dyno & 1/4 Mile Time Thread

Never posted when it was done 2 years ago.

Rebuilt stock block, forged internals
TFS 170 heads
Chinese Cobra Intake
70 MM TB
73 MM MAF with 24# injectors
Shorty headers, off road H and flow masters
10* timing

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No dyno for new combo, but I do have a time slip.

-Home built, stock block 331, 10.7:1
-AFR 185'so OOTB w/ LS style valve springs
-FTI cam, 227/235 .613/.588 111.5
-HSM2 with 70mm Race Accufab and 80mm Pro-Mike
-AFM Big tube Shorties
-AC & PS intact
-No tuning
-3360lbso race weight

-7.45 @ 91.88 MPH leaving off 2 step @ 6,000 rpm. Online calculators show 364.5 rwhp.

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Here's my sheet, the supercharger puked it's guts during the pull (front seal). I think it has more potential but we will see.

306. 9.3:1
Gt40 3 bar heads home ported
Funnel Web
50lb injectors
Eaton m90 10psi -- 6psi by 5k rpm
75 and 65mm throttle bodies
Blue oval shortie headers.
Alot of stock clutch slippage.

That's 386tq 282hp.
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Curious what my 1/4 times will be now that I put some 255/60-15 Mickey Thompson S/S drag radials on the car.
Car made 479rwhp and 473rwtq and ran 12.268 @ 119.35 on super cheap 245/45-17 radial tires last year. Any guesses?



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I've got one for you guys.

My old combo was:
347, I think around 9:1 because of deeply dished pistons and large factory combustion chambers
'69 C9OE 351W heads, ported and polished by hand (very well done) 1.90/1.60 valves
AFM N-91 cam
Wieand Stealth intake
Holley 650DP
Full length headers, etc etc.
Made 362/364 at the wheels

New combo will the the same except for:
AFR Renegade 185’s, 58cc chambers to hopefully bump that compression up
Edelbrock Victor Jr intake
Pro Systems 780cfm carb

Whenever I get around to finishing it. I'm actually concerned that the new heads won't make much more power. The old heads were ported by a wizard. I also kinda expect to lose torque or not make much more but gain peek HP.


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Stock Shortblock
Stock HO Cam
GT40 Valves and a valve job
1.7 Roller Rockers
Cobra Intake
65mm TB
Pro M 75mm MAF
Mac LT Headers
VRS O/R X pipe
Spintech Catback
AFPR, Pulleys
FMS Aluminum DS
Stock suspension

272 rwhp/ 316 rwtq


Can't believe I didn't mention track times. The car actually dynoed 256/295 when it ran its best times.

12.53 @ 107 on 17" ET Streets
12.95 @ 109 on 18" Street Radials

Mine has what I was told were Racecraft lowering springs, no name LCAs and the rest of it is stick 154k mike stuff. There is no weight transfer.
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288/303. 306, TFS 170s, TFS stage 1, Holley Systemax, power pipe, 80 MM Maf, 75 MM tb, BBK shorties and h pipe. Maybe there’s more in it with some long tubes?

I assume a9l?
The stock ECU is a bit weak on its timing curve, how much timing and at what afr?

Stock computer and an ancient Superchips. It was in there when I bought the car. I know you and others will cringe, but I have absolutely no idea how much timing or what afr it’s running at. I leave that to the professionals.


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Recently purchased an 85 GT and it came with a time slip. :)

Mods are:

351W (F4TE block)
.040 over
10.5:1 compression
Ford "F" cam
AFR 185 heads (#1422, 58 cc)
Edelbrock RPM Air-Gap intake
150 shot NOS
Holley 4150 (4777-7, 650 DP)
3.73 Rear end gears
Tremec 3550
Mickey Thompson ET Streets
Southside Machine Lowers.
Stock springs.

Any guesses on HP/TQ? Also, any suggestions to get more power out of this combo? Thanks!


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10.8:1 comp, woody built long block
Forged internals
Custom comp cam: .576int .571 Exh. 226/234 @.050 112lsa. Idles nicely.
11r 205
Pro m 80
75mm tb
Ported r lower and stock box r upper
40lb injectors. 255lph pump
Stock sn95 fuel rails and lines.
A5 trans
Tuned with quarterhorse. 30 degrees advanced all in.
1 3/4 x 3in Long tubes with a pro chamber. The rest built by me using some dynomax ultra flows. Axle dumped.

All in a 96 chassis.

422hp @5500 /456ftlb@4250. Cars a little n/a monster on the street.



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Guys, you're the only ones I've left in the thread that never posted documentation. You're regulars and I trust you, but it would help keep the thread consistent if you'd post a timeslip or dyno for your combos. If you have them, please edit your posts to include them. Thank you!
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Guys, you're the only ones I've left in the thread that never posted documentation. You're regulars and I trust you, but it would help keep the thread consistent if you'd post a timeslip or dyno for your combos. If you have them, please edit your posts to include them. Thank you!

I added my old dyno graph but it's 10 years old now and way obsolete. I never did get to race that combo so no time slips.
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Finally hitting the dyno in the AM

10.75:1 compression
Super Vic
Holley Sniper
1.75 Long Tube BBK
2.5" bbk catted H-pipe
Dynomax supertubo mufflers
CAM .608 lift 236/244 @.050 112 Separation 109 centerline
Tremec Magnum
3.73 gears
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My “new” combo:
Roller block 387w (3.85 stroke, 4in bore)
12.25:1 CR
Forged 4340 crank
Stock 351w rods, stock forged HO pistons
Edelbrock performer 2.02 heads, 1:6 Harlan sharp 7/16 rockers
Unknown HR cam, but it’s pretty big
Vic Jr intake, 780ps carb on 110 gas
1 3/4 BBK LTs, alternator, elec. water pump C4, PTC 4800 converter, 3:27 gear on 28x10.0 Hoosiers
2715lb race weight
Left lane (26x)

Calculator says 483hp, I would guess close to 600 rwtq


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