header help !!!

I am just in the process of fitting a new exhaust on my 65 f/b. I bought an American thunder flomaster system (2 1/2 inch) together with a pair of 2 1/2 inch to 2 1/2 inch reducers which are 5 inches long. The problem is the system is way too short to reach my headers. it finishes right in the middle of the tranny mount crossmember (without the reducers) but the headers are 6 1/2 inches away on the passenger side and 8 inches on the drivers side .... also the collectors don't finish square the drivers side is at a slight angle .. is this normal ?? I am in Spain so can't really go and look at any other mustangs to check as I have only seen 2 others over here. I don't know what make thes headers are, but they are a Tri-Y style. What I want to know is would a new set of headers fix this problem ?? Where do they usually finish ... mine are level with the filler plug on the g/box.
It is very difficult for me here in Spain as I can't just nip down to the local muffler shop to get them to sort it as all the stuff here is metric and it usually takes 2 weeks to get stuff from the States ... so if I don't get the right items .... another 2 weeks :mad: .
I saw in summit's catalogue a pair of hedman header extenders with a couple of bends in them ... is that what you have to use ??
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:D 2-1/2" to 2-1/2" reducers ? :D You just need to extend the pipe from the headers back to the exhaust. And the problem you have is why I never buy "prebent" exhaust systems. There's almost no way they could ever fit every car. :nice:
Most of those kits are finished on the short side since most of the time you have to make funny bends to reach the headers anyway, such as your case.

The S-extenders you mention may not work due to your headers exiting at an angle. Standard or metric, tubing is tubing, so the local muffler shop should have the pipes you need.