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Oct 30, 2006

I just finished installing my new heads & cam in my 88 LX. I went with AFR165 & E303 since I got it for free. I am also running TrickFlow intake, JBA shorties, & flowmaster exhaust. My question to you guys was if I am going to bigger injectors & a MAF? I have the stock 19lbs right now please let me know if any of you have experience problem with these injectors with this mild combo. I plan to tune the car and would like to have everything in-place before I do that!

Thanks for your time :flag:
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Agreed. I'm running TFS heads, Typhoon intake and the TFS1 cam on 19lb injectors and I'm very leary of winding it out at all, for fear of going too lean. Go with some 24's or 30's.
If I remember correctly typically 19lb injectors are at their limit at about 300 hp so if you have everything tuned right you will probably be pushing it. I have TFS heads and a stage 1 cam and I went ahead and went with 24s just to be on the safe side