Fox Heater Core tube seal & HVAC foam source?


Mar 8, 2003
Santa Monica,CA
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Couldn't find a source for the Heater Core Tube Seal, picture attached for reference. Hoping someone out there still makes this part or something similar.

If not...
  1. It's not in awful shape, but I'd like to extend its service life. I was thinking maybe soak in warm water with dawn, then spray some glycerin on it. Thoughts?

  2. Maybe it's worth making my own. I'm not positive, but I think it's made from 2 different densities of neoprene, and not EVA. Looking at Grainger's catalog I think this would probably work, Temp range has me concerned though, says only up to 200F. Thoughts? Anyone made their own before?
Plenum door foam:
Anyone recovered the foam on their HVAC blend doors? If so what foam did you use?

Thanks in advance all!


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