HELP- Question for anyone who has GT40P heads and still passes state SMOG sniffer


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Mar 30, 2001
central mass
Long story told short-

I just bought GT40P EMISSION LEGAL heads from Year one- but have been skeptical that they were smog legal and here is why------- I unbolted my thermactor cross over tube thingy 5 mintes ago on my stock e7 heads and was able to discover a exhaust passage that pushes air from air pump into the back of the heads!! THe fact is that my GT40P "emissions legal" heads do not have this hole in the back of them like my stock E7s do- What am I supposed to do with the stock air tube since the GT40Ps do not have the connections for them on the backs of them- plus what I am i supposed to do with the stock metal tubing once the heads are installed? - there is no way to bolt them to the back of the Ps because the bolt that connects the air tube to the E7s is too small for the holes on the back of the GT40p heads- AND MOST IMPORTANLY- WILL I PASS EMISSIONS WITH THESE HEADS????

Can anyone help me!?!?!?!?!?! These heads are no good to me unless I can pass Mass state emissions-

As an aside- I have read that the Air check valve located just under the air inlet tube directs air to the back of the heads during start up then redirects it to the H-Pipe once the engine is fully warmed up- so If I dont have the air tube going into the back of the heads that theoretically should not be a problem if I would just have the car fully heated up when I go to get my inspection sticker... correct?
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