How Do These Plugs Look? & Other Issues...


May 5, 2005

How do these spark plugs look? :shrug: Autolite coppers for a 97 explorer (764?). I'm concerned why some are bright white, others grey and one (#7) is tan/rust colored combined with my issues below....

1993 GT
Stock 302: P-heads, Explorer intake

Car is running a little like crap after sitting for a few years. Didn't exactly run great when it was put away though. Some symptoms (each possibly different issues?):

1) Occasionally will stall out if I throw it it neutral at ~45-55mph and coast to a stop.
2) Lack of power? These P heads feel = stock heads honestly and they're a pain in the ass to get the plugs. Should I check my valvetrain?
3) Idle is a little rough at times. Has always held around 900-1000rpm but now can drop to 750rpm and the front end is visibly rocking back and forth like it's trying to stall.
4) If I try to do anything except ease into the throttle, it feels like its hanging around 3000-4500rpm. Feels like I have no traction. (I may need to readjust my clutch cable? I recently adjusted it).

Any help would be appreciated! Trying to get back into my mustang now that I'm a little older (and hopefully wiser) and have the time to work through any issues.
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