How much HP does a stock 94-95 cobra have

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95riosnake said:
Sorry for bein a tad off topic...but what kinda times does it run now with the ProCharger? I am pretty much set on a P1SC in about a year or so...just wonderin how you like it.

I only made it to the track once last year...and with the Nitto DR's which I could NOT get to hook at all (track sucked) I ran a 2.2 60 foot and a ****ty 12.5 but with a 117 mph. I've now got some MT DR's. With the MPH I'm running I know I will be mid to high 11's. Just need to hook better.
I love to P1SC to say the least. I'm doing a MSD and 11#pully in the next week or 2. I should see another 30 or 40 horse @ the wheels.