Injector Lengths ?


New Member
Dec 4, 2003
West Texas
Does anyone know if a 30lb injector in longer than a 35lb injector for a 2.3T :shrug: I'm having a bit of trouble installing my fuel rail with the 30lb injectors. Now I've tryed some 35lb and I can almost bolt it up with no problems :scatch: When you look at them side by side the 30's look a hair taller but I don't have a caliper to messure right. I'm not looking to swap in my LA3 until I got this round of mods up and working right so that is wahy I'm trying to use the 30's for now.
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kiddiccarus said:
what are you doing with that LA3?

Waiting for the right time to pop that bad boy in :D I hope withen a few days after I get my SVO started and then its time to work on the fuel system :nice:

I finnlay got them damn injectors on :rolleyes: Just lubed them a hair and they slid right in ( thanks Stinger) Now I'm going to fab up a spacer for the dip stick since the two intakes use a different dip stick tube. Once thats done I'm off to the exhaust side to install the turbo/mainifold :nice: Wish me luck :crazy: :eek: