Installed bbk springs and still 5" wheel gap?


Jun 19, 2005
I just installed my rear springs today. They are bbk progressive lowering springs. I know that the springs settle a little over time and that it will probably look lower once it is on the ground, but there is about 5 inches of wheel gap still. It was really hard to swap the springs out because it seems that the control arms are binding and it wouldn't let the rear drop low enough. It also make a horrible creaking sound from all four control arms when the suspension is moved up or down. Are the bolts just too tight for the control arms or is it time for new ones? They were on the car when I bought it. They are Proform upper and lowers with urethane bushings, I think. I also have bbk polyurethane isolators top and bottom. I wanted the car to sit low to look good with 17 inch cobras but it is still the same ride height as stock springs. What is going on here? Will it lower a lot more once all four tires are on the ground?

Pic with stock springs (one coil cut in front)
View attachment 404333

Pic with bbk springs (jack stands under the rear axle and front frame)
View attachment 404335
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Not sure about aftermarket springs, but the vehicles I see in assembly plants hit the ground on the wheels for the first time and they look like they have 2" lift kits. Give them time to settle.
I bought bbk springs awhile back, I have only installed the rears along wiht lower control arms and quads. I actually took one of the new quads off cause it was hitting the tire so one side has the stock quad on. Afterwards I read about flipping them around and they should fit, so I will try that when I get time to work on it. But my bbks didn't seem to lower my car very much either. I wanted to know whats the best way to cut springs??? The gap probably stayed within a half of an inch as it was before. I'm going to wait till I install the fronts to see if I want to still cut the rears but just curious how to cut them? What tool to use? Also, the proper way to cut them?(from the top, bottom, at a angle, etc?) Also, do you think it will drop more when I finish installing the upper control arms as well? Thanks