JMS Velocity kit VS MPH Mongoose kit?


Jul 16, 2004

Quick question... The Mongoose kit seems to be "the way to go" but what makes it better than the Velocity kit?

Velocity kit
Vortech V2-SQ S-Trim Tuner Kit
60lb Siemens/Deka Fuel Injector Set
SVT Focus Fuel Pump Assembly
SCT BA-2400 90mm MAF
JMS Custom Tuned SCT XCalibrator 2 with 3 Custom Programs (UNLIKE OTHER COMPANIES WHO CHARGE EXTRA FOR THE TUNES) and User Adjustable Features!
NGK TR6 Spark Plugs
New IAT Wiring Harness Extension
New IAT Grommet
New IAT Sensor

Mongoose kit
Vortech V2-SQ S-Trim Tuner Kit
42lb Fuel Injector Set
SVT Focus Fuel Pump Assembly
90mm MAF
MPH tune - with X-Cal-2 Flasher
Spark plugs
IAT sensor

The JMS kit is 100$ cheaper, comes with 3 tunes and I keep hearing alot of good stuff about their customer service. What's the catch?
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Jul 18, 2005
Four Oaks NC
MPH kit comes with the best tune you can get! and their customer service is the best i've ever seen. Tim is a great guy and will help you out if you have any questions about the install.

trust me, get the mognoose kit!


Jul 16, 2004
i think if i was gonna spend that kind of money id shove out the extra 100 for the mongoose kit since ive heard nothing but good things from them and absolutely nothing about the jms kit. I think id trust mph a little more if it was me buying it
Since I live in Canada, it's a matter of who's the best distributor. Here, the difference is about 350$ US because JMS seems to offer better prices to Canadian distributors and it's cheaper to use these Canadian distributors than to import it by myself.

350$ US is enough money to make you thinking twice before ordering the kit from MPH. With this money, I can get a SOLID dyno tune which will obviously be better than any generic one.

But you're right, as I said earlier MPH seems to be THE way to go.


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Aug 12, 2005
Clovis, CA
I'm going to have to go with JMS on this one. Because you get the 60lb injectors, SVT pump, and tune. Even if you get the MPH tune, you will need the car on the dyno to check the AFR. I picked up EVERYTHING for 2 grand and all I need is a tune. I just bought a used kit becuase they can be rebuilt for cheaaaaaaaaaaap.


Jul 16, 2004
I have a procharger velocity kit. Its great. The tunes they sent me were a little off but they e mailed me some new ones and they were spot on. Plus you get bigger injectors so you have more room to grow.
I guess that justifies the 100$ difference... MPH's tunes are always spot on. On the other hand, I was planning on dyno tuning my car so it doesn't really matter.

Was everything else perfect? Did the kit include everything?


Jun 22, 2006
Modesto, CA
Yeah. Most of the kit is prochargers responsibility (or vortecs if you go that way) so that is mainly who you need to be reviewing. Especially if your just going to get it dyno tuned anyways. Id buy the cheeper one then, it doesnt matter whos sending you the tune. Plus it comes with the bigger injectors. I had to trim some of the hoses that connect the intercooler and stuff like that but everything was there. I didnt really care for the procharger instructions and i heard vortecs is better.


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Apr 29, 2004
MPH is AWSOME! Their tune will be safe...thats the bottom line. Its not about power when you get a mail tune...its about safety. If you want power and safety, let Tim dyno tune it.

I do not recal heard of this JMS Velocity kit before.

Oh and San~man you are partially correct...I think Tim used to say that exactly, but what the deal that he has never lost a motor BECAUSE of a mongoose kit. Basically I have seen only 3 engine failures over the years out of OVER 700 cars that has the kit...these 700 cars are making between 350RWHP-465RWHP :nice: .
And from what I recal, out of all 3, the engines were making strange noises/having problems, BEFORE the mongoose kit was put on. So the motors are not letting go from detonation or a bad tune, and thats what Tim is trying to stress.

But heck, even if it was....3 out of 700+ is an excellent record!


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Jun 26, 2003
Winston Salem, NC
I guess that justifies the 100$ difference... MPH's tunes are always spot on.

I wouldn't believe too much of the hype. ANY mail order tune can be off a little because of the way they are done. You can't fine tune the MAF curve on a mail order tune, so you depend on the curve supplied with the MAF or settings observed from previous dyno tunes with the same setup. Each MAF can have some variances in it, so you can only get so accurate without dyno or road tuning it. Contrary to popular belief, Tim does not have magical tuning abilities that enable him to create the "best" tunes out there. He follows the same procedures any good tuner out there does. More than likely if you compared the tunes of MPH and JMS the would be nearly identical, for the same setup.