Looky what I got today...


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Nov 29, 2004
Miami, FL
Well after leaking and leaking and leaking and constantly watching my temp gauge I got sick of it and ordered a new radiator. Well looky what got here in the mail today:D



Tommorow I will install it and post some pics of the process. Car should run much cooler now especially because I picked up a 180* T-Stat to go along with it for tomorrow. Coolant would poor out with the car just being off and pouring water into it. I also ran 2 bottles of flush in there as long as I could before the car just barely overheated. Anyways If you guys have any other suggestions while I am servicing my cooling system I am open to listening to them.
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Its not exactly what I wanted thought... lol but it will solve my problem for now, lol. I got this for $83 and some change. But after I get the clutch taken car of and get all the visual work done then I will dish out for the all aluminum radiator. Probably fluidyne.