MAS air conversion


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Dec 5, 2001
well i was talking to a tuner guy and he said that he really cant do much to the speed density setup but he did say that if i were to convert it to mas air that he would be able to tuner/burn a chip for it. the car is used in the scca for road course racing. does any one out there know how to convert it to mas air? could i just add the mas air from a 91-93 2.3 and the ecu?:shrug:
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Well let's see. How good are you at wiring? Would need to swap computer. Add the maf and repin for it. Compare all the pins. I am pretty sure no other to move. Unsure may have to convert to DIS [drill block for crank sensor] or may not. I know some of the 2.3 turbo run DIS and convert the turbo computer to it. So unsure how that would work out. Here is the diagrams to think about. Didn't mention what year your car is so added all. If would be interesting to see done and a write up on it. Going from memory the 92-93 does have a little more power. Not much going by memory. Maurice
thank you very much for the diagrams, just a thought maybe the mas air conversion for the 5.0 motor. yes i am very good at wiring. the car is a 1987 mustang with a very well ported and milled head. i will be putting in some 19lb injectors to see what happens. right now its running very very lean at the 3000 to 7000 rpm range.