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May 5, 2005
I just got my 93 GT and i had a few questions about the clutch...

this is my first 5speed car and also my first mustang! are your clutch pedals as stiff as mine? Its pretty tough to keep it down, my foot gets pretty tired at long lights and i was just wondering if this is normal for mustangs??? :shrug: :shrug: i had a friend (he's never driven a mustang before though) take it down the block and he said the clutch feels really stiff and hard to push.

i dont know if its the stock clutch, it could've been replaced for all i know (if that helps)

if you guys think somethings wrong with it what is it and what should i do? :shrug:

thanks in advance
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Jan 15, 2002
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Let me ask you this first, where does the clutch grab? Does it not grab until the pedal is almost all the way up? If so it may be a worn clutch. A worn out clutch tends to actually be stiffer, but that doesn't mean it is grabbing harder.

Also, does it have the stock linkage. At the top of the pedal cluster there is a plastic piece that rotates when you press the clutch down, which has a cable attached to it. The factory unit is plastic, and sucks. After 12+ years, the cable has probally had it. Getting a good metal adjustable setup can make a world of difference.


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Nov 29, 1999
a worn alum retainer can cause a stiff pedal, as can a misrouted cable.

if one is used to hydraulic clutches, a stang's can seem stiff. I like Jason's run down on checking and renewing possible old components.

good luck.

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Aug 7, 2002
Work with the cheapest things first. All in all I'd be willing to be your clutch is actually "fine"...but it will be down to the cable/quadrant/or the retainer as mentioned. sells a new OEM style cable for $40 bucks which is what I run and it cured my hard pedal personally.

Follow your clutch cable and it's rubber housing down and look for burnt spots (by the headers) and for sharp turns which would cause a kinking feeling.

Does the clutch push down smoothly (even if it is hard to push down)...or in other words does it "catch" anywhere???