My Delta Current Control Question


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Jan 6, 2002
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I’m reading over the instructions before I do the install and I see in step 5 it says attach the fusible link and connect to positive battery terminal...

I'm looking through the bag O' parts that came with it and I'm not finding it.

It should be a wire with provisions to hold a regular automotive fuse right? If this is the case, what amp fuse should I pick up from the parts store?

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A fusible link is a funny looking piece of wire. In my kit, it was a short piece of tanish color wire, as I recall. Brian had attached a ring terminal to it IIRC (if that helps identify it).

Good luck.
So it should look like this? Then how is it fusible?


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large loop of that line goes on the positive bat cable you crimp the other end of the fuseable link wire to the positive lead wire end with the other end of the positive lead wire going to the controler. If you need pics let me know I can throw up a couple later. So basically fuesable link wire looped end to battery...other end crimped with wire that continues to the positive side of the controller. That wire contains the 'fuseable link' at the crimp side so you do not need to install an additional fuse at all.
A fusible link is a wire that is smaller in size (larger gauge) then the rest of the circuit and if excessive current flows through that circuit, that piece of wire will burn up instead of the controller or somewhere else along the power supply. It is not meant to be spliced to a fuse. The wire is the fuse.
Ive got another question guys, when connecting the blue wire from the controller to the A/C compressor, which one of the two wires going to the compressor do I splice into?

One wire is ground, the other is power. The black/yellow wire is the power wire

Diagram courtesy of Tmoss & Stang&2birds

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