My Winter Project- JYTT 5.0, Megasquirt, etc.


Mar 25, 2004
Corning, NY
Hey guys I've been working on this all winter.. I've posted this in TurboMustangs but I thought I'd share it with :SNSign:
I'm doing a JYTT project using a spare low mileage stock longblock (Freshened up) using 2 .63.60 T3's. I am using the Megasquirt, 42 lb injectors, BBK FPR, and homemade piping. . Here are my pics of my progress so far: Sorry for the quality on some of these- I took most of 'em with my phone, since my digicam is busted.








My Twins:

Boost and oil PSI gauges:

17x9 and 17x8.5" Cobra R's - Chrome

So far the engine is back together and installed, the Megasquirt is wired up.. I need to weld in my MM rollbar, and plumb in the turbos!! I'm getting psyched.
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I did some work in my trunk last summer too, I don't know if anyone cares here or not, but I'll post it anyway... :)
I made a fiberglass subwoofer enclosure, amp tray, and tweeter pods out of fleece, wood, and resin. Here are the tweet pods :
We've all seen these..




Then there's the trunk....

DURING: First stage - get the bottom of the sub box built around the nitrous bottle, and get the amp shelf prepped..



All fleeced and hot glued, ready to be resin'd up, then resin'd to the bottom half.

The amp shelf thingie:

And the finished product:




Nevermind the orange crap on the underside of the trunk lid.. It's sound deadener from the previous owner. :curses:
Sooo, I'll be designing a carpet cover of some sort for that in the future.
I also sold my nitrous kit to help fund the TT buildup, so I need to figure out what to fill that void with now. I have that second amp, you can see it in the last pic - it's grey, just above the bottle- it's mounted to the 'ceiling' of the trunk now. I run the sub through the XPlod (just for a little more bass, I don't like a ton, but with no roof you have to make up for it somehow!) and the grey amp goes to my 8-speaker treble-mid setup inside the car, with active 11 band eq. I like CLEAN sound better than LOUD sound..
Anyway, I may get creative with that to fill the bottle's void.
Another side note, the "5 . 0" is just closed cell foam, covered in stretchy material I had from my H22 Civic buildup. I just attached them with Velcro, and also covered the traditional running horse with teh same stuff so I can change them when I get bored, or move 'em. :)

Well, I forgot about that part of the project! It's been sooo long since I've looked in the trunk. What do you think?? I was after CLEAN not RICEY.. I think I kept it behind that line... IMHO
Hey guys, thanks a lot! It's been a long process, but since I get lovely new england winters it's no biggie.. This fox has never seen winter and I don't plan on exposing it anytime soon!
As for the engine, yeah I just cleaned it realllllyyyy good, wire wheeled a lot of it, and painted it with 1200 degree spray paint- the silver aluminum color. The plumbing is not yet started but I'm going to start tonight! Hopefully I'll have more pics by Monday for ya!
As for the stock stuff, nope it's 100% stock. I bought a spare motor just in case... haha
From what I've researched on the weakest link in the stock 5.0 when it comes to boost is the block, AS LONG AS IT'S TUNED PROPERLY. That's why I bought the Megasquirt and wideband 02. I figure if I blow the stock setup it won't be a big deal to swap out.
Anyway thanks guys, I'll keep ya posted! More pics to come after this weekend hopefully!!
I got the MS V. 2.2 with pigtail, GM IAT and CLT, Wideband LC-1, and Stimulator for testing. The whole thing was around $450. Think about it this way- I'm SD, so I would have had to convert to MAS.. So that means $150 for a MAS, $100 for an A9L, and $60 for the wiring - and that's just to bring it to the point where it'd idle. So for another $150 I got a wideband and a fully standalone ECU with datalogging and complete tuning capability. That was another huge factor in my decision.
I bet that car will be so much fun to drive this summer! You should have a lot of fun once it's all tuned up and running right....

Oh, the stock blocks typically fail, or split, in the 450HP range or higher. You should be safe at or below the 400 mark until you get some time to piece together your next combo.
Looking god man!

I myself am going to be going the megasquirt route. I was planning on getting a dynotune this year…but the cost of the dynotune is more than a complete megasquirt setup…including wideband! Add the fact that I can sell my pro-m univer and the megasquirt looks even more appealing.

Anywho…good luck, have fun and keep us updated.
my turbo kit should be here next week and im speed density as well, so all this time ive been trying to decide what i want for engine management... did you wire up the megasquirt yourself or did you buy the complete kit?
I wired it up myself using their harness pigtail. I have pics of my harness I made if you guys want to see... If you're OK at soldering, and are somewhat familiar with electronics it's no biggie. I would DEFINITELY recommend it! It's almost a 'solder by numbers' game. I would DEFINITELY get the stim board to test it as you build it though. Plus, you warm up your soldering skills building the stim board first, then go to the real deal. haha
Way to advanced for me, I dont have the skills to wire and solder that up like you do. Should I buy the already set kit, or find someone (HINT HINT) who love to wire it for a fellow enthusiast