Roush NC/SC Saleen owners. Lets see ya!

Hey- ChrisSaleen and myself are trying to drum up support and attendence for a SALEEN get together here in Myrtle Beach, SC in the very near future. Chris and I are one of a very few who own Saleens in the Coastal area of SC, but we KNOW there are more of them out there in SC.

As everyone knows, we have a Mustang Week here in MB, and there are always a number of Saleens present.

We'd like to see how many owners we have, and how many owners plan on being here at Mustang Week. Maybe we could all get together then?

Let me know!
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+1. I'm sure there are plenty of saleen owners in the carolina's, we thought it would be cool to try and organize a little group such as the black mustang club, or the yellow mustang registry. If you don't live in the carolina's and maybe just coming down for mustangweek, that would be beneficial if we could know and maybe have all of us park at events together, and show a little pride.

Whether you live in the carolina's or just coming down for mustangweek, if your interested, let's see what we can get started.
I used to own a saleen...but currently dont..but here in charleston I know quite a few guys i'll put the word out to. Its already been discussed with the SCOA having a carolinas get together for MW already

That's cool my friend. We haven't really discussed alot, just have the want to get some saleen's together, and what better time than MW right? Thanks for the input though.