Need Help With Bearing Issue

I just built a 347 Stroker engine from Summit. Did everything by the book, all tolerances, Plasti gauge the whole works. Rotated it by hand and nothing bound up or anything. Engine runs strong, no smoke, no noise, runs absolutely awesome. Oil pressure is good, it’s actually a little above the middle so it’s a little high but has good pressure and compression in all cylinders. I only crank the car and let it idle in my driveway and occasionally drive it to town once a week on the weekends. The new engine probably has 200 miles max on it.

Now to the problem.

I was changing the oil in it today, this is the third oil change. 1st oil change was for its first start up, 2nd change was to flush out all of the assembly lube and junk and the 3rd was today for just a regular oil change.

This is what I saw in my oil today…

Does anyone have any idea why my bearings are being shredded?? Engine is basically brand new, and everything was built and assembly absolutely correct over a 6 month period. Again car makes no noise or produces any smoke. Runs amazing. If anyone has any suggestions besides pulling the motor please lend me suggestions. Thanks.


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