Need Opinions on heads and cam 93 foxbody


Mar 5, 2021
vancouver bc
Hey guys I am getting parts together to rebuild my engine. Current mods are ported upper lower cobra intake, bbk headers, 3,73 gears, cold air intake, electric fan, full exhaust, 24lb injectors, 65MM TB, FP regulator and couple other small things. I need to upgrade my heads and cam. I am looking at trickflow heads and cam but also am open to suggestions on what to run and what other parts I should change. I will be supercharging this car as well. This is a street car not a track car. Any input would be great thanks
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Probably gonna be quite a few different opinions, Trickflow 170's, Trickflow 11R, AFR 165's, AFR 185's and some will even say work some used GT 40 heads, and then as far as cam's go , Trickflow stage 1 or 2, Anderson N 41, the mighty B cam or the Ed Curtis custom grind and probably some others. Do your internet research, second guess yourself, then do some more research and hopefully by then you'll land on something your comfortable with. I just went with the Trickflow street burner top end kit which was the simplest combination which is what my simple mind was happy with. Good luck with your build . Oh by the way I've been drinking heavily while posting this sooooo none of this may not make any sense.
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Mar 2, 2015
People here have had a lot of success with the trick flow top end kit.


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Jun 28, 2020
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If you're to supercharge it, then you dont need great heads, just good will do....spending extra on great heads will only yield small results over decet heads w a blower, watch the latest engine masters for proof.